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        Students and Recent Graduates

        Achieving our vision will require a steady supply of grit, passion and daring.
        Are you in?

        Oxy is always on the lookout for exceptional students and recent grads who are seeking something greater than a first job – they’re looking to change the world.

        Recruiting and Student Events

        While students from any university are welcome to apply, we work closely with the following universities to recruit top talent:

        • Colorado School of Mines
        • Texas A&M University
        • Texas Tech University
        • Tuskegee University
        • University of Houston
        • University of Texas at Austin
        • Houston Community College
        • Midland College
        • San Jacinto College
        • University of Texas Permian Basin

        And many more…..


        Enter our summer internship program to assess your potential long-term fit with Oxy while gaining valuable industry and professional experience.

        Full-Time Roles

        Enter our mentoring program and receive on-the-job training. Oxy offers specialized training and other career development opportunities to help you get started.